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Éva Kiss

scientific advisor

Economic Geography Research Group
Metropolitan and Urbanisation Research Group

 + (36 1) 309 2600 /1455 ext.

Research fields:
Industry geography, urban and rural geography, health geography

Research themes:
Spatial processes of Hungarian industry after 1989, spatial structural changes on regional and local levels, economic crisis in industry, foreign direct investment, relocation, industrial estates, location choice of industrial establishments, relationship between spatial pattern of industry and transport. Industry 4.0 in industry: structural, employment and spatial relations.

Structural and functional transformation of industrial areas of large cities (Budapest, Warsaw, Helsinki, Tokyo). The process of urbanisation, becoming a town. Internal migration and labour market in the western border towns, the case of Sopron.

Rural industry and rural living conditions.

Regional differences in health status: causes,connections with economic development, inequalities in health indicators.

Scientific degree:
DSc. 2008
CSc. 1992

MSc. Geography and Biology, University of Kossuth Lajos, Debrecen 1986

Membership and functions in Hungarian and in international scientific organisations, societies:
Member of Hungarian Geographical Association since 1993-
Member of Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 1994
Chair of Auditing Commission of Hungarian Geographical Association between 1997-2004
Member of Association of American Geographers since 2000
Member of the Board Committee of Hungarian Geographical Association since 2004
Honourable member of Advisory Council of Institute for Regional Development Studies in Kanpur (India) since 2004
Member of the X. Social Geographical Committee of HAS since 2008
Member of the IX. Research Committee of Future of HAS between 2008-2016
Member of the Hungarian National Committee of IGU since 2009
Member of the István Széchenyi Doctoral School and Doctoral Council, 2009-2016
Member of Regional Studies Association since 2010
Member of the Internatioal Workteam of HAS IX. Committee of Statistics and Future, between 2012-2016
Member of Scientific Council of West Hungarian University (Sopron) between 2012-2016
Member of Steering Comittee of IGU Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces since 2013
Representative of Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2013
Head of the István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School, (Sopron) since 2017
Chair of the Doctoral Council of the István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School (Sopron) since 2017
Member of the University Doctoral and Habilitation Council of Sopron University since 2017
Member of the Medal Committee of Hungarian Geographical Association since 2018-

Szádeczky-Kardoss Elemér Award, 1993
Medal for the town Szob, 2000
Pro geographia, 2003
Academic award 2006
Excellent lecturer of West Hungarian University, 2011

Participation in higher education:
professor, University of Sopron, Sándor Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics, Sopron

Éva Kiss - selected publications


Kiss, É. Az Európai Unió a XXI. század elején (European Union at the beginning of the XXIst century). Akadémiai Kiadó. Budapest, 2005. 462p.

Kiss É. Területi szerkezetváltás a magyar iparban 1989 után. (Spatial restructuring in the Hungarian industry after 1989) Dialóg Campus Kiadó, Budapest-Pécs. 2010. 224p.

Kiss É. (ed.): A hazai ipari parkok különböző dimenzióban. Dialóg Campus Kiadó, Pécs-Budapest. 2013. 230 p.

Book chapters

Kiss, E. The evolution of industrial areas in Budapest after 1989. In: Stanilov, K. ed. The post-socialist city. Springer Publishers, Dordrecht. 2007. pp. 147-173.

Kiss, E. W-crisis in Hungarian industries: effects and strategies from the viewpoint of enterprises. In: Wilson-Flores, O. ed. Econimc crises: risk factors, management practices and social impacts. Nova Science Publishers, New York. 2016. pp. 45-81.


Kiss E.:The Hungarian Reception and Impact of a Multinational Company on the Case of Suzuki in the Town Esztergom. Geographical Review of Japan. Vol.68. (Ser.B.) No.2., 1995. pp.198-208.

Kiss E.: A várossá nyilvánítás problematikája és a várossá válás jelentősége az önkormányzatok szemszögéből. Földrajzi Értesítő. XLVII.. 1998. 3. pp. 456-482.

Kiss E.: Rural restructuring in Hungary in the period of socio-economic transition. GeoJournal. 2000. vol. 51. 3. pp. 221-233. (pdf 6,75 Mb)

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Kiss EÉ.: A válság területi konzekvenciái az iparban. TERÜLETI STATISZTIKA 14:(2) pp. 161-180. (2011)

Kiss E.: The impacts of the economic crisis on the spatial organization of Hungarian industry. EUROPEAN URBAN AND REGIONAL STUDIES 19:(1) pp. 62-76. (2012)

Kiss, E-Tiner, T. 2013:Depending on motorways: transport connections of Hungarian industrial parks and their enterprises. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin.2012. 61:(2). pp.131-153.

Kiss, E. Changes in the regional differences of the health state in Hungary after 1989. National Geographical Journal of India, 2016. 62:(1). pp.1-20.

Kiss, E.-Jankó, F.-Mikó, E.-Bertalan L. Bridge and/or Springboard: Sopron/Ödenburg, The Hungarian border town’s role in international migration after 1989. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft. 2017. Vol. 159. pp.199-220.

Éva Kiss - projects

OTKA (National scientific research program) projects

Geographical spatial connections of organisational and structural transformation of industry in Central Region (1995-1998) Nr: F016238

Industrial estates (parks) in Hungary (1999-2002) Nr:T029456

Spatial structural connections of modern Hungarian industry (2004-2007). Nr: T046014

Spatial structural impacts of industrial investments and their transport connections (2008-2013) Nr: T075906.

New trends in the spatial structure of Hungarian industry in connection with the fourth industrial revolution (2017-2021). Nr: NKFI 125091.

Other researches (carried out partly by scholarships)

Social geographical analysis of underdeveloped region of Middle Tisza. MTA-Soros Scholarship in 1991)

Spatial structural consequences of the transformation of rural industry on the case of Budapest agglomeration. MTA-SASAKAWA (SYLFF) Scholarship between 1992-1993)

Local spatial connections of globalising industry in the Hungarian large towns. MTA-Bolyai Research Scholarship between 1999-2001)

International cooperation

Rural survival strategies in transitional countries. University of Joensuu. Karelian Institute. (1998-2000)

Project supported by local authority

Submitting the application of the settlement Szob to become a town (1999-2000).

Development of Szob and its surrounding (2011)

Projects supported by the Ministry of Economics

The role of supports in the regional economic development (2001-2002)

Project supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The level of economic development and its regional differences in Southeastern Europe. The industry of Sourtheastern Europe. (2004)