Adrienn Tóth - projects


International projects

BORASSUS project. The environmental and socio-economic contribution of palm geotextiles to sustainable development and soil conservation. 2005-2009

HERODOT project. Using the WEB in teaching Geography - Socrates programme. 1999-2000

Lake Velence Integrated Geoinformation System. Hungarian - Luxembourgian Environmental Ministry Cooperation. (NKF 1-7199 és M-157-13198) 1998-2000

MEDALUS III. (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use) EU IV. FW Programme. 1996-1999

OTKA ( National scientific research programm) projects

A Velence-Vértes régió földhasznosításának stabilitása - Land use stability of the Vértes-Velence region. (F 030060) 1999-2001

Projects supported by the Government

Final deposition of low-level and intermediate-level radiactive waste. Preliminary effect study. Physical geographical study of the catchment of Nagymórágyi valley and detailed geomorphological and geoecological research of the Hilda valley subcatchment. 2003

Interacademian projects

The role of soil parameters in water and wind erosion: a comparative study of the K factor between selected Hungarian and South-African mollisols. Hungarian - South-African cooperation (RSA-859/99) 2000-2002

International cooperations

COST Action 634. "On- and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion", European Science Foundation (ESF) COST Office, Research and Development COST Environmental Research Activities. 2003-2008