2nd Full Consortium Meeting and Workshop of the Polish-Hungarian Academic exchange project

by Ágnes Erőss

The 2nd full consortium meeting of the Polish-Hungarian Academic exchange project titled "Diversification and gentrification in urban areas. A confrontative analysis" took place in Budapest between 5-8th March 2018. On 6th March three preseantations were delivered targeting major issues of the three years long project. Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak talked about diversification, social cohesion and local attachement in two research sites in Warsaw. Ágnes Erőss presented the results of a joint research with Dániel Balizs (BME) invetigating the linguistic landscape of one specific street in the research area. Balázs Szabó and Renáta Szabó talked about the possible topics of comparison of Ursynow and Pók street housing estates and their cartographic representation.

The researchers agreed on the main focus of joint articles.

The next meeting will take place in Warsaw in April 2018.