Main projects

Main projects in the last 10 years

Water quality, ecological, and food safety risks of some endocrine disruptors (EDCs) found in treated and untreated sewage of Budapest Metropolitan Region and risk mitigation developments (2016- )

National Atlas of Hungary (2013- )

Spatial characteristics of the international migration to the European Economic Area (EEA)

Multidisciplinary Research of fluvial terrace systems in Slovak-Hungarian border Region (2014)

Migration between Eastern Partners (Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova) and the Visegrad Countries (EASTMIG),

Housing Estates After Socialism (HEAS) 2012,

Integrating (trans)national migrants in transition states -TRANSMIG- (2010-2012)

Role of gully erosion in the present landscape evolution of Hungary. (OTKA) 2009-2012.

Ethnic geography and cartography of the countries in the Carpatho-Pannonian area. (OTKA) 2009-2011.

Spatial structural impacts of industrial investments and their transport connections. (OTKA) 2008-2012.

Hungary in Maps (MTA) 2008-2009.

Searching for neighbours: dynamics of physical and mental borders in the New Europe " (FP 6. SEFONE) 2007-2011.

Health tourism and quality of life in Hungary (OTKA) 2007-2010.

Accommodating Creative Knowledge: competitiveness of European metropolitan regions within the enlarged Union (FP 6. ACRE ) 2006-2010.

BORASSUS The Environmental and Socio-economic Contribution of Palm Geotextiles to Sustainable Development and Soil Conservation. (EU FP6 INCO) 2005-2008.

SOWAP - Soil and Surface Water Protection Using Conservation Tillage in Nortern and Central Europe (EU LIFE-Syngenta) 2003-2006.

The role of gully erosion in forming of relief and environment in Hungary (FM) 2003-2005.

Comparative study of relationships between environmental factors and gully erosion in Hungary and in South Africa and its control (TÉT) 2003-2005.

Physico-geographical impacts of global climate change. Monitoring of aridification on the Danube-Tisza Interfluve (KAC) 2003-2004.

Role of the abiotic factors in the influence of available trace element content (regarding riparian ecotops) (OTKA) 2002-2005.

The impacts of urban regeneration and social housing programmes on the residential and social mobility (OTKA) 2002-2004.

Changes of flora and soil conditions of a study site in Kiskunság caused by increasing drought (OTKA) 2000 - 2003.

Modelling of physico-geographical processes of small catchments (application of the MEDRUSH model) (OTKA) 2000 - 2003.