8 aug 2014

Prof. Maoz Azaryahu visited MTA CSFK Geographical Institute

  •  August 8 2014
Oren Yiftachel

Prof. Maoz Azaryahu (University of Haifa), internationally recognized researcher in political geography visited the GI RCAES HAS on 22nd-23rd July, 2014. His main research interest touches upon street names and monuments in public spaces and their relation with politics and politics of commemoration.

On 22nd July researchers working in the Research Group on Ethnic and Political Geography and the Metropolitan and Urbanization Research Group presented their work and main projects. Participants at the workshop agreed on the establishment of institutional relations, publishing joint papers and outlined possible fields cooperation.

Professor Azaryahu held a public lecture on 23rd July 2014 in FUGA about the role of street names in our everyday lives and their political connections.

Oren Yiftachel