28 Feb 2018

Ten years of Ukraine studies in the Geographical Institute

  • 28 Feb 2018
IGU 2014

A group of researchers celebrated the decade long operation of the Ukrainain-Hungarian Academic research programme.

The Ukrainian studies in the Geographical Institute RCAES HAS was initiated by Dávid Karácsonyi, whose activity made possible the organization of various workshops, conferences and projects.

In the frame of the academic exchange project besides the Ukraine in Maps atlas several articles were published in Hungarian, Ukrainian and English:

Ukraine in Maps atlas

Karácsonyi D. - Kocsis K. - Kovály K. - Molnár J. - Póti L. (2014): East-West dichotomy and political conflict in Ukraine - Was Huntington right? Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 63/2. 99-134.

Tátrai P. - Erőss Á. - Kovály K. (2017): Kin-state politics stirred by a geopolitical conflict: Hungary's growing activity in post-Euromaidan Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 66/3. 203-218.).

The academic relationships has been enlarged in the last five years: besides the colleagues affiliated to the Institute of Geography of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Department of Geography of Taras Shevchenko National University and the Centre of Geography of the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences Eötvös Loránd University are also engaged in scientific work and exchange of knowledge and staff.

The ten year history of the Ukrainian-Hungarian academic research was celebrated on 26th February 2018 in the frame of a Workshop hosted by the Geographical Institute RCAES HAS. The presentations covered topics of urban and political geography and migration (programme below).

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Patrik Tátrai
Nataliia Mezentseva
Dávid Karácsonyi
Márton Berki
Ignacy Jóźwiak
Andrei Crivenco
Kostyantyn Mezentsev