26 Febr 2020

A documentary was released as part of the ongoing research of the Geographical Institute RCAES

  •  26 Febr 2020
Lenin was not needed anymore

Lenin was not needed anymore, says the title of the documentary, which was shot in the picturesque Kobyletska Poljana (in Hungarian: Gyertyánliget) in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

The film reveals the everyday life of the Hungarian community before and after the collapse of the Soviet regime. The local factory was established in 1774 and until 1991 it secured employment for 1500 local inhabitants, so as to workers commuting from nearby villages. Since the factory’s closure, residents seek employment outside of Ukraine. The outmigration pose serious threat to the survival of the Hungarian community (approximately 300 people) living in Kobyletcka Poljana.

Researchers of the Geographical Institute RCAES, Ágnes Erőss, Katalin Kovály and Patrik Tátrai has been studying the recent social dynamics in Transcarpathia, Ukraine since 2017. The documentary was shot in one their research field, with the active participation of local residents.

The film (with English subtitles) was made by Ágnes Erőss and Mária Takács.
The project was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts (project nr.: 0139-MMA-19-P)

The documentary trailer is available at: