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György Varga

senior research fellow

Research Group on Quaternary and Landscape Evolution Processes - head

 + (36 1) 309 2600 /1480 ext.

Research topics:
Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions based on aeolian dust deposits; complex analyses of recent and past dust stroms, dust episodes

PhD in Earth sciences - University of Pécs (2012)

Membership in Hungarian scientific organisations, societies:
Hungarian Geographical Society
Hungarian Meteorological Society
American Geophysical Union
International Society for Aeolian Research
Hungarian Aerosol Society

Personal homepage:

György Varga - selected publications

Varga, Gy., Kovács, J., Szalai, Z., Cserháti, Cs., Újvári, G., (2018). Granulometric characterization of paleosols in loess series by automated static image analysis. Sedimentary Geology 370, pp. 1-14.

Varga, Gy., Újvári, G., Kovács, J. (in press). Interpretation of sedimentary (sub)populations extracted from grain size distributions of Central European loess-paleosol series. Quaternary International

Újvári, G., Stevens, T., Molnár, M., Demény, A., Fabrice, L., Varga, Gy., Jull, A.J.T., Páll-Gergely, B., Buylaert, J.P., Kovács, J. (2017). Coupled European and Greenland last glacial dust activity driven by North Atlantic climate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114(50), pp. E10632-E10638

Varga, Gy, Cserháti, Cs., Kovács, J., Szalai, Z. (2016). Saharan dust deposition in the Carpathian Basin and its possible effects on interglacial soil formation. Aeolian Research 22. pp. 1-12.

Újvári, G., Kok, J.F., Varga, Gy., Kovács, J. (2016). The physics of wind-blown loess: Implications for grain size proxy interpretations in Quaternary paleoclimate studies. Earth-Science Reviews 154. pp. 247-278.

Varga, Gy. (2015). Changing nature of pleistocene interglacials - is it recorded by paleosoils in Hungary (Central Europe)? Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 64. (4) pp. 313-322.

Varga, Gy., Újvári, G., Kovács, J. (2014). Spatiotemporal patterns of Saharan dust outbreaks in the Mediterranean Basin. Aeolian Research 15. pp. 151-160.

Varga, Gy., Cserháti Cs., Kovács, J., Szeberényi, J., Bradák, B. (2014). Unusual Saharan dust events in the Central European Carpathian Basin in 2013 and early 2014. Weather 69. (11) pp. 309-313.

Bradák, B., Kiss, K., Barta, G., Varga, Gy., Szeberényi, J., Józsa, S., Novothny, Á., Kovács, J., Markó, A., Mészáros, E., Szalai, Z. (2014). Different paleoenvironments of Late Pleistocene age identified in Verőce outcrop, Hungary: Preliminary results. Quaternary International 319. pp. 119-136.

Varga, Gy. - Kovács, J. - Újvári, G. (2013) Analysis of Saharan dust intrusions into the Carpathian Basin (Central Europe) over the period of 1979-2011. Global and Planetary Change 100. pp. 333-342.

Kovács, J. - Raucsik, B. - Varga, A. - Újvári, G. - Varga, Gy. - Ottner, F. (2013). Clay mineralogy of red clay deposits from the Central Carpathian Basin (Hungary): Implications for Plio/Pleistocene chemical weathering and paleoclimate. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 22. pp. 414-426.

Kovács, J. - Varga, Gy. (2013). Loess. In: Bobrowsky, P. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards. United States, Springer pp. 637-638.

Varga, Gy. (2012) Spatio-temporal distribution of dust storms - a global coverage using NASA Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer aerosol measurements (1979-2011). Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 61. (4) pp. 275-298.

Varga, Gy. - Kovács, J. - Újvári, G. (2012). Late Pleistocene variations of the background aeolian dust concentration in the Carpathian Basin: an estimate using decomposition of grain-size distribution curves of loess deposits. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences - Geologie en Mijnbouw 91. (1-2) pp. 159-171.

Varga Gy. (2012). Szaharai eredetű por a Kárpát-medence légkörében. Földrajzi Közlemények 136. (2) pp. 106-124.

Varga, Gy. (2011). Similarities among the Plio-Pleistocene terrestrial aeolian dust deposits in the world and in Hungary. Quaternary International 234. (1-2) pp. 98-108.

Kovács, J. - Fábián, Sz. Á. - Varga, G. - Újvári, G. - Varga, Gy. - Dezső, J. (2011). Plio-Pleistocene red clay deposits in the Pannonian Basin: A review. Quaternary International 240 (1-2) pp. 35-43.

Újvári, G. - Kovács, J. - Varga, Gy. - Raucsik, B. - Marković, S.B. (2010). Dust flux estimates for the Last Glacial Period in East Central Europe based on terrestrial records of loess deposits: a review. Quaternary Science Reviews 29. pp. 3157-3166.

Varga Gy. (2010). Gondolatok a porviharok és a klimatikus, környezeti folyamatok összefüggéseiről. Földrajzi Közlemények 134 (1) pp. 1-14.

Kovács, J. - Varga, Gy. - Dezső, J. (2008). Comparative study on the Late Cenozoic red clay deposits from China and Central Europe (Hungary). Geological Quarterly 52 (4) pp. 369-382.

György Varga - projects

  • NKFI 120620 - project leader: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on particle size and shape of aeolian dust deposits

  • NKFI 120213 - co-researcher: A multy-proxy study of red clays from the Carpathian Basin: implications for provenance, sedimentary processes and age, and late Cenozoic climate and environmental changes

  • OTKA (Hungarian Research Fund - PD 108708) project: The role of dust storms and aeolian dust deposition in the formation of Central European red clays and red paleosoils in loess sequences (2013-2016)

  • Postdoctoral Research Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Quantification of changing nature of Pleistocene interglacial environments in the Carpathian Basin, inferred by loess-paleosoil sequences (2013-2015)

  • Bolyai János Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Atmospheric paleocirculation processes and aeolian dust depositional mechanisms in the Carpathian Basin based on loess-series