Staff members - Dóra Zacháry

Dóra Zacháry

Research fellow

Research Group for Physical Geography
Laboratory for Sediment and Soil Analysis


Research topics :
soil organic matter stabilization, soil organo-mineral interactions, soil isotope labelling techniques

Ph.D in Earth Sciences - Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest 2020
M.Sc. in Geology - Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest 2012
B.Sc. in Earth Sciences Researcher - Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest 2009

Membership in scientific societies:
Hungarian Soil Sience Society
Member of the public body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
European Association of Geochemistry
International Medical Geology Association

Scholarships and awards:
New National Excellence Program, Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary, 2017
Andor Semsey Commemorative Medal for the Youth (Hungarian Geological Society), special award, 2016

Dóra Zacháry - selected publications

Zacháry D, Filep T, Jakab G, Ringer M, Balázs R, Németh T, Szalai Z. (2023) The effect of mineral composition on soil organic matter turnover in temperate forest soils. JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS 23 : 3 pp. 1389-1402. DOI

Jakab G, Madarász B, Masoudi M, Karlik M, Király Cs, Zacháry D, Filep T, Dekemati I, Centeri Cs, Al-Graiti T, Szalai Z. (2023) Soil organic matter gain by reduced tillage intensity: storage, pools, and chemical composition. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH 226 Paper: 105584. DOI

Filep T, Zacháry D, Jakab G, Szalai Z. (2022) Chemical composition of labile carbon fractions in Hungarian forest soils: Insight into biogeochemical coupling between DOM and POM. GEODERMA 419 Paper: 115867. DOI

Jakab G, Vancsik A, Filep T, Madarász B, Zacháry D, Ringer M, Ujházy N, Szalai Z. (2022) Soil organic matter characterisation using alkali and water extraction, and its relation to soil properties. GEODERMA REGIONAL 28 Paper: e00469. DOI

Hidy D, Barcza Z, Hollós R, Dobor L, Ács T, Zacháry D, Filep T, Pásztor L, Incze D, Dencső M, Tóth E, Merganicová K, Thornton P, Running S, Fodor N. (2022) Soil-related developments of the Biome-BGCMuSo v6.2 terrestrial ecosystem model. GEOSCIENTIFIC MODEL DEVELOPMENT 15, 2157-2181. DOI

Szalai Z, Ringer M, Németh T, Sipos P, Perényi K, Pekker P, Balázs R, Vancsik A V, Zacháry D, Szabó L, Filep T, Varga Gy, Jakab G. (2021) Accelerated soil development due to seasonal water-saturation under hydric conditions. GEODERMA 401 Paper: 115328. DOI

Zacháry D, Filep T, Jakab G, Molnár M, Kertész T, Király Cs, Hegyi I, Gáspár L, Szalai Z. (2020) Carbon isotope measurements to determine the turnover of soil organic matter fractions in a temperate forest soil. AGRONOMY (BASEL) 10 : 12 Paper: 1944. DOI

Zacháry D. (2019) Applications of stable carbon isotopes in soil science with special attention to natural 13C abundance approach. HUNGARIAN GEOGRAPHICAL BULLETIN (2009-) 68 : 1 pp. 3-19. DOI

Zacháry D, Filep T, Jakab G, Varga G, Ringer M, Szalai Z. (2018) Kinetic parameters of soil organic matter decomposition in soils under forest in Hungary. GEODERMA REGIONAL 14 Paper: UNSP e00187. DOI

Zacháry D, Jordán Gy, Völgyesi P, Bartha A, Szabó Cs. (2015) Urban geochemical mapping for spatial risk assessment of multisource potentially toxic elements: A case study in the city of Ajka, Hungary. JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION 158 pp. 186-200. DOI

Dóra Zacháry - projects

EJP SOIL, 2019-2.1.7-ERA-NET-2022-00037: Organic and inorganic carbon dynamics in calcareous soils (2022 – 2025), Principal investigator of the Hungarian Research Group

NKFIH FK142936: Stabilization mechanisms of soil organic matter pools in calcareous and acid soils (2022 – 2026), Principal investigator

NKFIH K142865: The role of soil organic matter stability in the adsorption and desorption of pharmaceutically active compounds – with a focus on environmental differences (2022 – 2026), Project member

NKFIH K132191: The temperature sensitivity of the decomposition of physical fractions of organic matter of soils with different vegetation coverage (2019 – 2024), Project member

ELKH SA-41/2021: Soil carbon budget - from nanoscale organic-inorganic interactions to the global carbon cycle (2022 – 2024), Project member

GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00028: Interdisciplinary Research Group for Promoting Climate-Smart and Sustainable Agriculture (2020 – 2021), Project member

GINOP- 2.3.2-15-2016-00009: Isotope Climatology and Environmental Research Centre (ICER) (2018 – 2020), Project member

NKFIH K123953: Landuse affected organic carbon saturation of the pedosphere (2017 – 2022), Project member

ELTE Talent Management Council 2015-16 Multidisciplinary Research Call: The legacy of industrial activity - Salgótarján through the eyes of an environmental scientist, a sociologist and an educator (2015 – 2017), Project member