Field sampling

Field sampling – soil sampling by excavation
Field sampling – soil sampling by manual driller

Applied methods

MSZ 21470-1:1988
MSz-08-0202:1977 (withdrawal: 15/06/2015)
USDA – Soil Survey Laboratory Methods Manual. 2004.
Genetikus üzemi talajtérképezés kézikönyve. 1966


Field soil moisture monitoring

Soil moisture measurement by electrical conductivity (gypsum blocks) principle

According to individual agreement
Soil moisture measurement with portable TDR equipment

According to individual agreement

Field rainfall simulator measurements (line-up/HUF + VAT)

A plot line-up includes three different intensity rainfall events simulation
Field rainfall simulator measurements with SP02 type big rainfall simulator (6 m2)
Runoff, sediment charge determination
Optional: textural analysis, nutrient loss, SOM loss
Laboratory rainfall simulator measurements (0.5m2)

According to individual agreement

Undisturbed sampling for soil physical measurements (sample/VAT)

Undisturbed sampling (up to 0-30 cm from the surface 3 replicates per sample)

7 000 HUF
Undisturbed sampling (up to 30-70 cm from the surface 3 replicates per sample)

10 000 HUF
Undisturbed sampling (up to 70-100 cm from the surface 3 replicates per sample)

15 000 HUF

Soil physical measurements (three parallel samples/VAT)

Porosity measurement: total porosity, gravitational porosity, adsorption and capillary pore space, bulk density, water absorption content, compaction degree

5 000 HUF
Density determination: by pycnometer, Rover method
Saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements: using the Vér method measuring the amount of percolating water in monoliths per unit time assuming constant water pressure and fitting the Horton relationship to the data set

15 000 HUF

Measurement of soil/loose-textured sedimentary rocks

CaCO3 determination by Scheibler calcimeter
pH (distilled water)
Colour determination
Plasticity index according to Arany
Conductivity determination from saturation paste

700 HUF / in package 3000 HUF

TC / IC / TOC, TN determination

Organic and total carbon, nitrogen determination in water

10 000 HUF
Organic and total carbon, nitrogen determination in akcalic soil eluates
Organic and total carbon, nitrogen determination in soil
Organic carbon determination based on loss on ignition

15 000 HUF

Particle size distribution measurement by laser diffraction

Sample preparation procedures (P. Buurman, B. van Lagen and E.J. Velthorst Manual for Soil and Water Analysis

Na-pyrophosphate (for samples containing carbonate) 1000 HUF
Na-hexametaphosphate (for samples containing carbonate) 1000 HUF
Hydrogen peroxide (for samples containing high organic matter) 7500 HUF
Na-dithionite-citrate-bicarbonate (DCB) (for iron-rich samples) 10 000 HUF
Liquid dispersion-based measurements

With water dispersion 10 000 HUF
Methanol and ethanol dispersion 15 000 HUF Air dispersion 15 000 HUF

Size, molecular weight distribution, zeta potential determination (Malvern ZS100)

Colloid/Molecular size determination with DLS principle*: 20 000 Ft
Colloid/Molecular size determination with SLS principle*: 30 000 Ft
Zeta potential determination: 30 000 Ft
Isoelectric point determination (with 0.2 pH accuracy): According to agreement

Size and shape parameter determination (Malvern Morphology G3SE ID)

Analysis of prepared samples with the shape analyzer
Raman microscope usage

According to agreement

Nutrients measurements

Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+;Cl-, PO42- Ammonium lactate-soluble nutrients: Al-P, Al-K; NO3-, NO2-, NH4+

According to agreement

UV-NIR spectrometry (Shimadzu UV3600)

UV-NIR reflectance spectra determination: 240-2400 nm
UV-NIR absorbance spectra determination: 180 – 3300 nm

20 000 HUF