2017-2019: NVKP Risks of some endocrine disruptors and developments for risk mitigation in Budapest Metropolitan Region

2016 Syngenta

OTKA PD Comparison of soil redistribution due to water erosion under conventional and conservation tillage using rare earth oxide tracers

2017-2021: NKFIH 123953 Landuse affected organic carbon saturation of the pedosphere

2014-2015: SEUSO FI – Soil sampling for Arcaeometry studies – Szabadbattyán, HUNGARY

2014-2015: IAEA PO201306746-MN a./Specification of Portable Rainfall Simulator for Field Measurement and B./ Designing a Soil Erosion Monitoring Station with two runoff plots (run off plot measurements at Talmessi [Tehran, Iran] Site)

2014: IAEA PO 201403932-MMAnalysis of soil samples for erosion monitoring: OSL dating of colluvial sediments

2012-2015: OTKA K100180