Staff members - Adrienn Tóth

Adrienn Tóth

senior research fellow

Research Group for Physical Geography

 + (36 1) 309 2686

Research topics:
soil erosion, landscape ecology, sustainable land use

Scientific degree:
2004: PhD – Earth sciences (ELTE/Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)

1997: Landscape and Garden Architect (Kertészeti és Élelmiszeripari Egyetem, Tájépítészeti, -védelmi és -fejlesztési Kar, Tájvédelmi Tanszék/University of Horticulture and Food Industry, Department of Landscape Architecture, Protection and Development)

2015: Bolyai János Research Fellowship

Adrienn Tóth - selected publications

Sipos, P; Kovács, I; Barna, Gy; Tóth, A; Makó, A; Palcsu, L; Kiss, G; Horváth, A; Puskás-Preszner, A. Iron isotope fractionation during the formation of ferromanganese nodules under different conditions of hydromorphism. GEODERMA 430 Paper: 116286 (2023) DOI

Tóth, A; Sipos, P; Madarász, B. New aspects on improving reliability of the method using rare earth elements as soil erosion tracers. In: 22nd World Congress of Soil Science : poster book of abstracts. Glasgow, International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) (2022) Paper: P-274

Sipos, P; Kovács, I; Balázs, R; Tóth, A; Barna, Gy; Makó, A. Micro-analytical study of the distribution of iron phases in ferromanganese nodules. GEODERMA 405 Paper: 115445 (2022) DOI

Sipos, P; Kovács Kis, V; Balázs, R; Tóth, A; Németh, T. Effect of pedogenic iron-oxyhydroxide removal on the metal sorption by soil clay minerals. JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS 21 : 4 pp. 1785-1799. , 15 p. (2021) DOI

Madarász, B; Jakab, G; Szalai, Z; Juhos, K; Kotroczó, Zs; Tóth, A; Ladányi, M.: Long-term effects of conservation tillage on soil erosion in Central Europe: A random forest-based approach. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH 209 Paper: 104959. (2021) DOI

Sipos, P; Tóth, A; Kovács Kis, V; Balázs, R; Kovács, I; Németh, T. Partition of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn among mineral particles during their sorption in soils. JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS 19: 4 pp. 1775-1787. , 13 p. (2019) DOI

Szabó, J A ; Király, Cs ; Karlik, M ; Tóth, A ; Szalai, Z ; Jakab, G: Rare earth oxide tracking coupled with 3D soil surface modelling: an opportunity to study small-scale soil redistribution JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS 20 : 5 pp. 2405-2417. , 13 p. (2020) DOI

Madarász, B (szerk.) ; Jakab, G (szerk.) ; Tóth, A (szerk.):Facing to real sustainability - conservation agricultural practices around the world pp. 975-1032. , 58 p. (2018) DOI

Jakab, G ; Madarász, B ; Szabó, J A ; Tóth, A ; Zacháry, D ; Szalai, Z ; Kertész, Á ; Dyson, J: Infiltration and soil loss changes during the growing season under ploughing and conservation tillage SUSTAINABILITY 9 : 10 Paper: 1726 (2017) DOI

Madarász, B (szerk.) ; Tóth, A (szerk.): International Conference on Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Land Use: Book of Abstracts. Budapest, Magyarország : MTA CSFK Földrajztudományi Intézet (2016) , 104 p.

Tóth, A (szerk.) ; Madarász, B (szerk.): International Conference on Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Land Use : Proceedings. Budapest, Magyarország : MTA RCAES Geographical Institute (2016) , 68 p.

Jakab G, Szalai Z, Kertész Á, Tóth A , Madarász B, Szabó Sz: Biological geotextiles against soil degradation under subhumid climate: a case study. CARPATHIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 7:(2) pp. 125-134. (2012)

Smets T, Poesen J, Bhattacharyya R, Fullen M A, Subedi M, Booth C A, Kertész Á, Szalai Z, Tóth A , Jankauskas B, Jankauskiene G, Guerra A, Bezerra J F R, Yi Z, Panomtaranichagul M, Bühmann C, Paterson D G Evaluation of biological geotextiles for reducing runoff and soil loss under various environmental conditions using laboratory and field plot data. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT 22:(5) pp. 480-494. (2011) DOI

Kertész Á, Szalai Z, Jakab G, Tóth A , Szabó Sz, Madarász B, Jankauskas B, Guerra A, Bezerra J F R, Panomtaranichagul M, Chau Thu D, Yi Z Biological geotextiles as atool for soil moisture conservation. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT 22:(5) pp. 472-479. (2011) DOI

Fullen M A, Subedi M, Kertész Á, Tóth A , Szalai Z, Jakab G, Tomlinson P Utilising biological geotextiles: introduction to the BORASSUS project and global perspectives. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT 22:(5) pp. 453-462. (2011) DOI

Bhattacharyya R, Fullen M A, Booth C A, Kertész Á, Tóth A , Szalai Z, Jakab G, Kozma K, Jankauskas B, Jankauskiene G, Bühmann C, Paterson G, Mulibana E, Nell J P, Van der Merwe G M E, Guerra A J T, Sathler R, Bezerra J F R, Peres S M, Yi Z, Yongmei L, Li T, Panomtarachichigul M, Peukrai S, Thu D C, Cuong T H, Toan T T Effectiveness of biological geotextiles for soil and water conservation in different agro-environments. LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT 22:(5) pp. 495-504. (2011) DOI

Tóth A., Szalai Z.: Tájökológiai és tájtipológiai vizsgálatok a Tetves-patak vízgyűjtőjén. TÁJÖKOLÓGIAI LAPOK 5:(1) pp. 131-142. (2007) DOI

Adrienn Tóth - projects

Effect of cover crop on soil aggregation, erosion and carbon storage. NKFIH K 143005 (2022-2026)

Comparison of soil redistribution due to water erosion under conventional and conservation tillage using rare earth oxide tracers PD OTKA 112729 Project leader (2015-2020)

Analysis of the natural micro-regions of Hungary from the aspect of their sensitivity to landscape degradation OTKA 108755 (2014-2018)

BORASSUS: The Environmental and Socio-economic Contribution of Palm Geotextiles to Sustainable Development and Soil Conservation. EU FP6 INCO-CT-2005-510745 (2005-2009)

COST Action 634. "On- and Off-site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion" European Science Foundation (ESF) COST Office, Research and Development COST Environmental Research Activities. (2003-2008)

Role of soil properties in water and wind erosion: comparision of K factor on mollisols in Hungary and South Africa. (RSA-859/99) (2000-2002)

Stability of land use in the Velence-Vértes Region (Hungary) (F 030060) (1999-2001)

HERODOT projekt. Using the WEB in teaching Geography - Socrates programme (1999-2000)

Integrated GIS system in the Lake Velence. NKF 1-7199 és M-157-13198 Cooperation of the Ministries of Environment of Hungary and Luxembourg (1998-2000)

MEDALUS III. (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use - EU IV. Framework programme (1996-1999)