The main aim of the first edition of the collection of maps entitled Changing Ethnic Patterns of the Carpatho–Pannonian Area was to present – as a summary of the ethnic map series begun in the 1990s – the ethnic structure of the Carpathian Basin and its neighbourhood in a uniform manner. While retaining this feature, the present third edition contains significant changes in comparison with the first two versions. The most important of these is the updating of the publication and the integration of the latest census data (from 2011) for the region. The state of affairs in 2011 is not only shown on the maps; the accompanying text (an object of study in its own right) places special emphasis on revealing ethnodemographic processes since 2000. Beyond expanding and improving the text and the database, we have georeferenced our main map, facilitating spatial comparisons with other coordinate maps. Where possible, we have also updated the administrative divisions of the various countries in line with the administrative changes of the past decade. In view of all these changes, the atlas will be of interest not only to new scholars of our region but also to those who are familiar with the previous editions.