Working Group on Cartography and Geoinformatics




Task of the WG is to produce maps and prepare publications relating to the Institute's activities:

•  making and editing thematic maps
•  completion geoinformatic tasks
•  atlas cartography (mainly: National Atlas of Hungary and the series of regional atlases of the Institute /.in Maps)

  • cartographic, geoinformatic preparation of publications of the Institute (particularly to the journal: HunGeoBull )
  • Press-ready preparation of Institute's publications



Zsombor Nemerkényi Head of the working group, research fellow

Norbert Agárdi cartographer, junior scientific fellow

Eszter Garai-Édler desktop editor

Gergely Horváth    
Fanni Koczó cartographer

Anikó Kovács junior scientific fellow

Gáspár Attila Mezei cartographer

Poór István
Renáta Szabó cartographer